10th APEGNB Saint John Soap Box Derby

Saturday, June 8

PALS in the PARK is our largest community program. 

It is funded by the APEGNB Saint John Soap Box Derby. 

Over 1900 students from 23 schools

experience recreational and educational

enrichment in Rockwood Park. 

This program is at no cost to student or school

​as even the cost of transportation is covered.  

YOGA at the LAKE

is held every Monday night

at 7 in our banquet room. 

This class is lead by volunteer yoga instructors

and accepts drop in donations. 

The donations support

AWESOME Adventures in the PARK.

All levels are welcome to attend.

On Special evenings 

Lily Lake Pavilion hosts


These family, oriented movies

are shown on the large, outside screen

​for everyone to enjoy!

To find out more about the APEGNB Saint John Soap Box Derby check out the sponsorship brochure.

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